Behaviors in Action BIA™

Behaviors in Action BIA

Team Building with personality Assessments

How many times have you wondered why that person takes so long getting their work done or why that manager is always in someone’s face?  Would you like to be able to identify the hidden talent on your team with real management skills or identify the people that would not be suited for a management position?  Would you like to build a team that understands how everyone gets agreement with each other and how individuals interact? That is exactly what our Behaviors In Action™, BIA Program does.  This program is designed to introduce at a comprehensive level a clear understanding of behavior through DiSC or any other personality or behavioral tool. This interactive ½ day behavioral workshop is then followed by a full day of outdoor initiative based activities where each individual leads small groups where everyone can then see their behavioral style in action.  Teammates, leaders, and managers can then see how each individual processes complex scenarios. Each individual will get a good feel of not only who they work with but how they work.  This program alone can reduce conflict in the workplace by over 80% and will reduce costly miss placement in job roles.  This is an excellent program for potential new mangers or new hires.  This program also has a high ratio of facilitator per individual as the group sizes are limited to 7 people per group with a maximum of 84 participants at a time.

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Behaviors in Action

Identifying Leadership In Action

The behaviors in action program will help you identify leadership at every level. You will see things happen and be able to associate those behaviors with what is actually happening in the workplace. Removing costly hiring errors and being able to identify who your real leaders are.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

In the last 30 years, only 11 major companies have gone from “good to great.”  Learn how to take your organization to a level of sustainable greatness.

Team Building

Team Building

Our tailored team building activities simply deliver more from every training and development dollar you invest. And we guarantee it!



Experience delivers results! With over 40 PhD and MBA level facilitators, most with 20+ years of consulting experience each, your goals will be achieved.

Quantum Leader Growth System


Our comprehensive scientifically-driven QLG system, developed with and by our most successful clients, guarantees breakthrough corporate business results.