Customer Service Training

Level 1 Exceptional Customer Service:

The E.C.S (X) Factor Training Seminar is about creating and maintaining Exceptional Customer Service in your organization. Participants discover that that their job is not just a job, but in fact a performance on, ‘How To Have A Great Day Everyday.’

The E.C.S. (X) Factor Training gives participants the knowledge that they set the tone for every customer interaction. We provide the insights, and methods, that will assist the participant in understanding their ability to make a positive difference on a daily basis in every customer interaction.

Participants are given the understanding and tools to change their attitude and mindset so that they can make their day flow smoothly with their customers-both internal and external.

This Purpose of This Training is to Get Participants to:

  • Increase productivity
  • See they have a huge impact everyday in what they do and how they do it
  • Understand how much their attitude affects customers (Internal & External)
  • Increase customer loyalty by first creating customer satisfaction
  • Recognize the importance of getting along with co-workers
  • Learn questioning techniques that clarify customer needs
  • Demonstrate professional telephone procedures in a consistent manner
  • Learn the SUCCESS method to providing Exceptional Customer Service

Level 2 Exceptional Customer Service:

The E.C.S. (X) Factor Training Part II starts off where the E.C.S. (X) Factor Training Part I left off. Participants look at their communication skills and how they can improve them. They become much better at communicating at work and with everyone in their lives. Why? Clear communication sends a message of whether they really care about that customer, co-worker, and their job.

The four behavioral styles (Driver-Expressive-Analytical-Amiable) are discussed in detail. Recognizing 75% of people are not like them is an eye opener for most people.

This workshop is also about knowing when and how to flex their style when dealing with internal as well as external customers so that communication flows more smoothly.

Angry Customer situations are discussed. Participants learn a secret to better deal with unreasonable customers. Role play exercises are done amongst participants and sharing reveals excellence in dealing with angry customers.

Topics Discussed:

  • Words and their meaning
  • How to improve communication
  • The importance of listening
  • The four behavioral styles
  • How to flex one’s style to efficiently communicate
  • How to deal with angry or difficult customers
  • The importance of ‘Not taking things personally’


  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Head off tomorrow’s problems TODAY
  • Communicate more effectively at home and work
  • Increase effective communication throughout the organization
  • Understand our personal ‘style’ and how others perceive us
  • Handle difficult or angry customers in a positive and friendly way
  • Deal effectively with the next customer, right after the ‘Jerk”


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