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Ropes Course

Challenge and Ropes Course Team Building Activities

Challenge and rope courses present physical and mental team building challenges designed to improve existing interpersonal skills and help participants overcome barriers to personal and group growth. Both low, high an portable challenge and rope course activities reinforce themes of support, leadership, communication, feedback, problem solving, and group decision-making.

The challenge and rope course industry grew out of a desire to implement a wilderness type experience in a fixed setting, as opposed to the expedition setting. A rope course is defined as a series of activities, sometimes on or close to the ground (usually referred to as a low course) and sometimes built on utility poles or trees, or in the rafters of a building (a high course). Climbing walls have also become increasingly popular as educational tools and allow a ropes course type program to be conducted indoors and in major cities.

The single identifying feature is that most often, it is an intact group which comes together to share the challenge course experience, and that a curriculum is designed for the specific outcome desired by that group.

At OWLS we always combine a Low Rope Course and High Rope Course. The reason we do this is to enable participants develop the necessary foundation to grow as a team. This allows for individual participants to explore: Risk, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and coaching techniques in a physically and emotionally safe environment.

While a Low Ropes Course focuses on collaboration and problem solving. Allowing every member of the team to participate, and find opportunities for self-discovery and team growth. The High Ropes Course emphasizes risk-taking, team trust, and individual motivation. The High challenge Course allows participants to dramatically expand their comfort zones and identify what blocks personal achievement. It is in these high events where the team identifies areas of group and team achievement and it is where levels of communication and behavior styles can be discussed.

OWLS is a member of the Association of Challenge Course Technologies, ACCT and our facilitators conduct courses under ACCT guidelines.

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