Team Building Activities and Corporate Training Programs

Team Building Activities

Team building activities at your corporate conference center, or business retreat, that have an added side effect . . . RESULTS:

Picture team building programs which actually do what they set out to do: decrease conflicts, increase performance and profitability. Picture meetings with employees that go well: offer no mean words … have a positive atmosphere … and have a focus on the bottom line. OWLS has worked with many companies, making these pictures a reality.

OWLS has a proven approach to building more effective teams. The services we deliver span the experiential learning universe. We can help you by designing team building activities that help teams of all sizes communicate better, work more effectively and maximize contributions from every member. Essentially we deliver strategies on how to get the most out of teamwork! We do that not only because of our experience and capabilities but also because every team building game or exercise we design is a custom activity, created specifically to meet your needs and have FUN!

Allow us to provide you with a custom proposal that focuses on taking you to the next level.


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Our team building activities simply deliver more from every training and development dollar you invest. We begin the process by learning about your company, your people and your challenges. We explore team interactions and job roles within your teams. We learn about your team members’ motivation to change, their desire for growth and their passion to make real and greater contributions. We listen to what you want. We assess your needs through our exclusive Partnership Analysis In-depth Needs Study™. Only when our analysis is complete do we begin the task of designing the program or programs that will deliver the team building results you deserve

Team Building Programs

Again, we won’t sell you an off-the-shelf program. Programs that have worked for one company and one situation won’t work for every company and every situation. Every program we design and facilitate is as unique as the client we’re serving. One company’s ropes course may turn out to be another company’s team building dinner, cardboard regatta, organizational assessment, personality and behavioral evaluation or some combination.

Facilitated Learning Is:

Overcoming obstacles together. Thinking outside the box. Using resources effectively. OWLS puts participants largely in charge of their own team building programs, allowing them to structure courses under the watchful eyes of experienced corporate training facilitators. Together in these workshops, facilitators and participants work to build a very powerful experience. This Action Reflection Learning format allows participants to tackle challenges that are important to them. It encourages them to develop their own goals and work together to achieve them.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

In the last 30 years, only 11 major companies have gone from “good to great.”  Learn how to take your organization to a level of sustainable greatness.

Team Building

Team Building

Our tailored team building activities simply deliver more from every training and development dollar you invest. And we guarantee it!



Experience delivers results! With over 40 PhD and MBA level facilitators, most with 20+ years of consulting experience each, your goals will be achieved.

Quantum Leader Growth System


Our comprehensive scientifically-driven QLG system, developed with and by our most successful clients, guarantees breakthrough corporate business results.