Team Building Activity - Culinary


Culinary Team Building

Innovative and delicious, Culinary Team Building! Work as a team to produce a four-course gourmet meal in two hours. The trick: nothing is ready before the group arrives. No prep work, place settings, beverages, or anything else. The group must develop and execute a plan… through conflict resolution or go hungry. This unique team building program challenges participants to work as a team to produce a multiple-course gourmet meal in two hours. Points will be awarded for quality, teamwork, neatness, and being edible of course. The meals will be judged by an executive chef and then presented to the opposing team for consumption. The whole program will be processed by your skilled OWLS Corporate Facilitator who will look at group dynamics, leadership, and individual communication skills and carry the evening’s learning's on to the following day.

New Program Designs:

Scavenger Hunt-(or Treasure Hunt)-ingredients would be hidden around the kitchen and dining room and teams would have to find them before proceeding with recipe.

May Day or “Survivor”-teams must play several fun games to “win” the recipes or ingredients for their dinner. (food related games like a relay race carrying hard boiled eggs on tiny spoons, building a small table top tepee with bread sticks and peanut butter…)

Under Fire or Trial by Fire-a BBQ type event that is held at an outdoor pavilion Pavilion in YOUR AREA.

Clue-participants must guess the ingredients of another team’s dish before being served the next course.

Additional Formats:

(Iron Chef style event) “Mystery Box” –where teams are given a box of ingredients and must create a recipe/dish with what’s there.

“Who Moved My Cheese” based on the best selling book-groups would complete a series of exercises challenging their ability to deal with change, then finish with a Cheese Fondue Party (with chocolate fondue for dessert!

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