Disaster and Crisis Management Through Team Building

Incident Command


The Evacuation Management Training Program is a design based on creating an organizational structure that taps into the leadership, planning and organizational skills and behaviors of all participants.  It is high energy involving both strategic and technical leadership.  All participants can engage in critical networking roles.

This program provides participants with the following opportunities:

  • To take and manage risks
  • Learn and practice complex technical skills that require cross team communications
  • Prioritize needs of resources and people
  • Analyze situation, remain calm in a crisis, manage time
  • Manage change
  • Strategic thinking
  • Situational leadership

Skills and Behavior Focus

  • Big picture thinking and direction
  • Synthesis and evaluation of incoming information and ability to make effective yet quick decisions
  • Ability to allocate resources adequately to insure success
  • Leverage skills to create successful teams
  • Effectively communicate a plan and vision to all players to insure success

Handling a Media Crisis

If you’re at the threshold of a media crisis or in the middle one, you have limited options. You can get pummeled by the media and become fodder to your competitors, you can hire high-priced attorneys to manage the process as well as possible litigation, or you can assemble your crisis public relations to implement your plan. The last option is best but it requires preparation.

In “Crisis Public Relations” you will learn how to:

  • Develop your crisis communications and management plan
  • Communicate effectively during crises
  • Respond to a media crisis quickly and appropriately
  • Identify your company’s vulnerabilities
  • Identify and secure members of your crisis media team
  • Identify your company spokesperson
  • Create a streamlined and disciplined response system
  • Develop consistent and updated communications
  • Identify and speak to the specific stakeholders in your business
  • Use the dos and dont's of media communications
  • Use crises to make transformational changes in your business
  • Leverage a crisis to your best advantage

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Team Building

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