Team Building Activity Using Situational Leadership

The Launch

In this situational leadership activity teams are challenged to design and build a wooden catapult or apparatus, which is made from wood, bolts, nuts, and elastic bands. The goal is to launch a product into the market place. Teams will be given time to plan and design their catapult. Teams will allocate resources through a competitive manner in which values are assigned to each part and parts must be purchased. Then teams will begin the “Build Phase” where they are given 1-2 hours to put their catapult together. During which OWLS facilitators will urge discussions on creativity, planning, quality, and emerging situational leadership behaviors. The grand finale will be when all teams launch there product into the marketplace. All teams win, as they should all get product to their customers, but only one team can get it the farthest and they are declared the grand winner. Prizes are awarded for all participants.

Group examines the day and the takeaways. Possibilities might include observations around these questions:
What do I believe about change (learning)?
How does group effort enhance individual effort?
What role does active listening play in leadership?
What qualities and behaviors constitute trust?
How do my assumptions impact my behavior?
What values am I committed to?
What role does appreciation have in my leadership style?
What do my words generate?
How am I encouraging conversations for change?

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