Creating Team Work Through Team Building

Urban Leadership Challenge

This team building program is geared for managers and leaders who need to focus on team work within their departments or divisions. The program can take place in a major urban city such as Las Vegas, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Washington DC, or at some of our resort partners. Teams are provided with clues that lead them to a destination at which point they will undertake a challenge or task. This activity is similar to "Donald Trump's The Apprentice". Each leg of the course is captained by a different team member and each task has a specific leadership focus with a facilitated dialogue by one of our corporate facilitators. There are additional challenges along the way. This “Leadership Challenge” will not only provide your managers and leaders with new insights into their leadership styles and traits but offer them opportunities for immediate results of their actions.

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Leadership Training

Leadership Training

In the last 30 years, only 11 major companies have gone from “good to great.”  Learn how to take your organization to a level of sustainable greatness.

Team Building

Team Building

Our tailored team building activities simply deliver more from every training and development dollar you invest. And we guarantee it!



Experience delivers results! With over 40 PhD and MBA level facilitators, most with 20+ years of consulting experience each, your goals will be achieved.

Quantum Leader Growth System


Our comprehensive scientifically-driven QLG system, developed with and by our most successful clients, guarantees breakthrough corporate business results.